A review of Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting

We, at jilgueroecoretreat.com, have chosen 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' to be our present domain name and hosting vendor. Hence we anticipate that this concise review of 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' is probably going to be very useful for other people from all around the Globe who are searching for domain name and web hosting services. We say people from all around the World, because the simple truth is that 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' currently offers domain and hosting services in several datacenter facility locations: in the United States of America (Chicago, IL), in England (Maidenhead, 20 miles outside London), in Scandinavia (Stockholm) and in Australia (Sydney). That way, covering virtually the whole planet. At least from the point of view of the Internet. So, here is what you could expect from 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' in a few words:

Shared Web Site Hosting Services

The initial detail we, at jilgueroecoretreat.com, have perceived is the low-cost prices of the shared site hosting services supplied by 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting'. Shared doesn't sound very well, does it? Well, that's what it is referred to as: shared web hosting. The good news here is that the web space hosting plans furnished by 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' are driven by an in-house built, state-of-the-art cloud web hosting solution (each web hosting service, such as email, databases, web site hosting Control Panel, web space, DNS, stats, and so on, is being run on a separate pack of web servers in a cluster). This is a circumstance ANY cPanel web hosting provider on the Earth will have considerable troubles with, because cPanel is a single server based web hosting platform (each hosting service, such as email, databases, webspace hosting Control Panel, disk space, DNS, stats, and so on, is being served by a single web hosting server), cPanel is not open source (that is why the cPanel-based web page hosting suppliers are unable to include new functionality and manipulate it the way they want it) and there is no open source file platform (they need to concoct their own file platform), which is the prerequisite of any cloud web hosting service. Let's get back to the shared web space hosting accounts, which are driven by an authentic cloud website hosting platform. With a shared web site hosting account, each customer pays only for his/her plan, thus maintaining the web hosting price very low (since numerous users use the same server). In a nutshell, a shared hosting account, which is hosted on a cloud site hosting system, permits you to pay only for the reserves that you really require, averting a scenario where you pay for a high-end website hosting account that you cannot truly utilize, or for a tiny web page hosting package that cannot host your web page. The option to upgrade your account from one plan to another with just two clicks of the mouse grants you the flexibility to kick off with a small package and upgrade as your web site expands. That way, you economize money that you can spend on promoting the web site while it is still new. Every web space hosting package furnished by 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' sports an online site builder and over forty popular script software applications including WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that will economize you 100s of dollars for web site design solutions. 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' provides shared website hosting packages in a number of different countries across the World. There is one data center facility in Chicago covering the United States and Canada; 2 European datacenters - in the UK and in Scandinavia; and another one in Australia, which encompasses the Asia-Pacific region. That way, practically the whole World is encompassed to supply you and your web site's visitors with a stable and reliable site hosting solution at a nearby place. All in all, the shared hosting solutions delivered 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' are quite well appointed and come at a very low price (starting from $8.33 for the Business package).

Dedicated Hosting Servers

In jilgueroecoretreat.com's opinion, huge web pages such as social networks, community and business web portals or famous web storefronts with 1000s of customers need a much more powerful hosting environment. It appears that the chaps from 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' have reached the same conclusion as well. To satisfy its customers' requirements, 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' delivers a number of dedicated servers that can handle millions of daily hits. That assessment is based on the hardware specs the web hosting servers ship with: many-core processors, up to four GB of RAM, two thousand gigabytes of data storage and Gigabit NICs will no doubt ensure the quick and stable work of any type of web site. In 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting's opinion, the original hardware specs can be upgraded for more system resource-requiring websites. We, from jilgueroecoretreat.com, think that all dedicated server solutions furnished by 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' are also appropriate for establishing a hosting reseller business as each server provides free invoice transaction software and a charge-free domain reseller account. Unlickily, the dedicated web servers furnished by 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' are all unmanaged. We, at jilgueroecoretreat.com, consider this a slight inconvenience, which can be righted by paying a monthly tax which amounts to $32.00 USD. So, if you demand aid, the Managed Services upgrade provides a few additional services such as a routine backup, software installation, dedicated server surveillance and troubleshooting procedures. A bouquet of web site hosting CP (CP) tools are available with each of the hosting servers - Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Our (jilgueroecoretreat.com's) prediction is that the splendid point-and-click File Manager added in the Hepsia web site hosting CP will probably make the recourse to any FTP client useless. Our (jilgueroecoretreat.com's) conclusion is that the dedicated servers supplied by 'Sobredosis Creativa Web Hosting' don't seem to be very cheap (still the Hepsia site hosting CP and the unlimited hosted domain name quotas will doubtlessly make you smile), commencing from $145.00 for the Xeon Scalable 8c plan.